15 Social Networks for Entrepreneurs

Working alone is not uncommon amongst entrepreneurs. This doesn’t necessarily mean they can’t work with others. Social networks create an avenue for business owners to work with and exchange ideas with people in their industry. Social networks also connect often isolated business owners with others enabling them to look for partners, discover great service providers, have access to all the essential information required to run a successful business. It helps them be a part of a community of entrepreneurs.

Below is a list of social network platforms for entrepreneurs. The aim of some of these sites is to develop business relationships, while others are designed for experts to proffers solutions. Although some of them require a fee to join the enhanced membership, the sites are basically free.

1. Biznik. Biznik is a site designed to exchange ideas rather than uploading your resume. Members of Biznik meet online as well as face-to-face because there’s nothing as effective as meeting in person when you’re trying to develop strong business relationships. Once you provide your city on your profile, Biznik introduces you to members in your vicinity as well as local networking events that you can participate in.

2. Dreamstake. With Dreamstake, entrepreneurs are provided with an avenue to network with people that think like them and also to introduce their ideas. Providing mentorship, funding, matching talents, and legal support are some of the features of Dreamstake. It presently has more than 4,500 members.

3. Cofoundr. The brain behind ideas, programmers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, web designers, investors, and executives, are the people that make up Cofoundr. This network is designed for people who want to begin a new web venture. Compared to the other networks listed here, Cofoundr is a private network, so you can only view profile of members after you create an account.

4. Entrepreneur Connect. This social network was introduced by Entrepreneur Magazine. Create your own profile and get a taste of the idea-sharing community. You can also create or become a member of professional groups. It also gives members an opportunity to feature their blogs on the home page.

5. Go BIG Network. According to Go BIG Network, they are the biggest startup company community. You can develop your business plans and meet with investors. Go BIG is designed in a way that allows members to search through the profiles of other members if they want to establish contact, or post a request to inform the members of what they need.

6. LinkedIn. With more than hundred million users, LinkedIn is the biggest social network platform where professionals can meet. Just the groups for “On Startups” have close to 200,000 members. LinkedIn provides entrepreneurs with lots of resources. Build your entrepreneurial trade mark, locate service providers as well as partners, and work with your LinkedIn network to build a strong profile.

7. Perfect Business. Perfect Business is a social network that provides an avenue for you to come in contact with serious minded entrepreneurs, experts, as well as investors from different industries. The categories of people you’ll meet on this platform are prospective clients, business partners, and advisers. Also, the site is partners with top guns in the industry like Entrepreneur and Virgin Money.

8. PartnerUp. PartnerUp is an online community whose main target includes entrepreneurs and owners of small businesses. You can use this network to locate commercial properties, partners for your team, accountants, and marketers to build your business, as well as get answers to your most pressing questions from people who know best.

9. The Funded. This is an online community with over 16,000 members. It is made up of entrepreneurs who deliberate on how to raise funds, review investors, and discuss approaches for building a business.

10. StartupNation. The aim of StartupNation is to be known as your go-to for entrepreneurial success. You can discover practical information on how to start and develop a successful business. It offers step-by-step advice, forums for small businesses and entrepreneurs, helpful articles, expert blogs, member networking, and contests. The community has more than 105,000 members.

11. Upspring. This is a forum where you can connect, make enquiries, provide answers, and learn from a business community. You can also check out the updates of your contacts on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and use a single interface to provide a direct response. Develop and manage all your professional contacts, monitor what people think about your company, and make use of free promotional tools to develop your business.

12. StartupSpace. StartupSpace is designed to promote learning, sharing and prosperity. You can either start a business group or become a member of a listed group. You can also have your blog featured on the front page of StartupSpace. This community has more than 38,000 members.

13. Sprouter. With Sprouter, entrepreneurs are provided with experts who can provide answers to questions about small business. Entrepreneurs are encouraged to ask questions, go through important content, make comment about answers, and exchange advice with their networks.

14. Ryze. Ryze is a social network for small business professionals whose aim is to provide an avenue for entrepreneurs with the same vision to discover each other. With Ryze, people are given the opportunity to make all the necessary connections and boost their networks. You get to engage in useful dialogue that can develop your business, develop your career, secure a job and make some sales. You can also use it to maintain contact with friends.

15. Young Entrepreneur. This is a social network which avails small business owners with solutions and support on how to start, manage, and grow a business venture that is successful. At the site you’re treated to the latest news, webinars for small business, entrepreneurial conversations, resource videos, useful blogs, advice from professionals, and contact with a community of entrepreneurs with similar vision.

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